Caravan Collaboration!

Have you met our sister caravaners Thread Caravan? Thread Caravan hosts artisan trips around the world, connecting travelers to the local culture and preserving cultural art forms. Yoga Caravan's own Shannon Hill helped Thread Caravan founder Caitlin Ahern get the sister caravan up and running. While the two caravans have their own respective focuses, they both incorporate a little bit of international adventure.

We've decided to solidify this sistership, creating a caravan collaboration discount for our travelers! Here's the deal:

When you book a trip with Yoga Caravan, you can then book a trip with Thread Caravan for $100 off their trip cost! (This works vice versa as well.)

***Simply send YC or TC an email before you book your second trip, and we'll send you a discount code to get $100 off your second trip cost

P.S. - Their mezcal-making trip to Oaxaca, Mexico is right before our yoga adventure in Costa Rica. Go make and drink artisanal spirits with Thread Caravan and then come play and renew with Yoga Caravan.  

We think our trips go pretty nicely together!

Photos by Karim Iliya, Michelle Norris and Forrest Aguar for Thread Caravan